6 Commercial and Industrial Cool Room Care Tips

While it always pays to leave things to experts, you should still learn the important commercial and industrial cool room care tips.

By learning, solving minor problems won’t be such a headache and will save time that’s supposed to be spent waiting for the repair experts to arrive.

commercial and industrial cool room

Here are the care tips you must know:

1 – Make a maintenance checklist and schedule.

If you’re doing it on your own before contacting an expert, make sure to be organized.

Create a checklist and schedule for your cold room’s routine maintenance.

For the checklist, list down all the steps you need to do daily, monthly, or annually. Check out this list every now and then to make sure you’re taking action in caring for your cold room.

Meanwhile, for the maintenance schedules, you can separate the tasks that need to be done daily, monthly, or yearly. Most major tasks like replacing an equipment fall under the yearly schedules, while regular cleaning tasks belong to either daily or monthly.

2 – Enlist the cold room’s temperatures.

Scrutinize and document the system’s temperature every after a few hours. If this is not convenient for you or your employees, you can do it daily. Any discrepancies in the recorded temperatures must be addressed in no time. The cold room’s temperature is crucial because it signifies the performance capability of your cold room.

3 – Keep it clean, always.

In terms of cleaning, commercial and industrial cool room systems are more high-maintenance. So, be sure to make a habit of cleaning it daily, monthly, and annually.

You can always call an expert for a monthly and annually service, but for the daily maintenance, you’d have to do it, of course.

4 – Stock appropriately.

A well-stocked refrigerator or cold room operates better than with an almost empty unit.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, an overstocked unit or room can needlessly consume more power. Your cold room or unit will work harder, but unnecessarily. That’s why you should find ways how to maximise the use of space in your cold room.

Don’t understock and overstock – these are the key actions to avoid premature wear and tear.

5 – Clean your condenser coils thoroughly.

Lucky are those who have automated cleaning for their condensers every day. But for those who don’t, well – you just have to do things manually. Only this time, you can do it monthly.

You must remove dust or muck build-up, as a dirty condenser can cause your unit or system to work ten times harder than the usual. This means that the system’s other components will be affected and your electricity bill will reach new heights. So, be wise and do the right thing – clean your condenser coils monthly. And let the manufacturer’s manual or a commercial and industrial cool room expert help you.

6 – Keep a unit’s motor and blades dust-free.

You must keep the motor and blades dust-free by wiping them monthly with a soft cloth. If the blades really need to be rinsed, make sure the motor is protected from the wetness.

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