Guiding tips about hiring of Marquees

Any large outdoor event requires use of marquees in order to make the day a success. The justification for this is that all your guests get shielded from the rain, blazing sun and strong winds. They additionally provide a sense of beauty to most occasions. Generally speaking there are very few people who own one. After all, they cost an arm and a leg plus you only need them on special occasion. The best option to work with is marquee hire Melbourne has today whenever you’re holding events. Here are helpful tips on how to go about it.

  • Early bird catches the worm

Most companies in this trade will hire out marquees throughout the year. Nonetheless, it is during summer that most clients place orders. This means that if you have an event during this season, it would be wise to make an early booking so as to avoid any disappointments. Refrain from shopping during the eleventh hour in order to ensure that your occasion does not experience any hitches.

  • Old versus new

Ensure that you inspect the quality of any marquee you plan to hire. Always know they do differ on a number of aspects such as whether it is new or there is wear and tear on the walls and linings. Other factors to consider are whether the structure is light or heavy weight in addition to the standard being European or British. Such qualities play a major role in ensuring that your guests are comfortable.

  • Numbers and size

Consider the space you have available. You should know that if it is large, your guests will seem isolated whereas a small marquee will create an impression of the area being crowded. Most companies will be able to enlighten you about how many people a certain area can comfortably accommodate. If you’re expecting a huge number of guests, the marquee hire Melbourne has will help you figure out the size required to host all of them comfortably.

  • Venue, Venue, Venue

This is a crucial factor because a lot of things could go wrong if the venue is not appropriate. The safety and health of your guests must be addressed whenever venues are being checked out for suitability. In spite of a venue looking perfect, the following aspects ought to be considered before the grounds are used:

  1. There should be no underground cables or pipes.
  2. Avoid overhead trees, cables and the likes.
  3. Restriction of space and ground obstruction should be avoided.
  4. Ground ought to be fairly leveled and not a slope.
  • Price comparison

This is an area where many shoppers go wrong. A low priced quote does not mean that you’ve got yourself a deal. This is because emphasis ought to be put enjoying value for your money. By making slight adjustments on your budget, you might be able to get a much better deal. For instance, you could upgrade from plastic chairs to get banqueting chairs so as to bring out an elegant feel. Should you be on a tight budget, the lining can be excluded so as to get the structure only which will result in you paying a pocket friendly cost.

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